Business Plan Competition and Graduation–Legends of the Fall ’17

Posted: December 11, 2017 by wamjr60 in About PEP

95 men and more than 90 executive judges joined us for two days at Cleveland as we heard pitches on a wide variety of businesses including lawn care and feeding, oil field vending and supply, and a curriculum specifically designed to help youth that are already caught up in the juvenile justice system.

More than 300 family members arrived at Cleveland after a snowy start to Friday to join their men and celebrate their 9 months of hard work. There were family members from across Texas, and also a few who had made their way from New York and Oregon!

The finalists of the Business Plan Competition were Jacob F., Julian R., Lucas T. and the winner was Terrence S. with AYM for Success!

The other graduates of the Legends of the Fall ’17 that were recognized for their efforts during class were:

Valedictorian– Cody M.
Mr. PEP– Tolbert G.
Mr. Accountability– Quinton G.
Mr. Excellence– Quang H.
Mr. Execution– Clyde S.
Mr. Fresh Start Outlook– Cody M.
Mr. Fun– Reginald J.
Mr. Innovation– Julian R.
Mr. Integrity– Brandon L.
Mr. Love– Ali I.
Mr. Servant Leader Mentality– Alex P.
Mr. Wise Stewardship– James K.

  1. 1Lonestar says:

    I attended the Finals of the Business and all presentations were superb and a credit to the efforts of all of this excellent Class. I congratulate the Terrance and the Class for work well done.

  2. says:

    I was just wondering when the man that talked about helping youth that are already caught up in the juvenile justice system will be leaving there? Our organization is Counseling in this area and he could be of great help!

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  3. Cyndie Bowman says:

    Graduation Day is always a day filled with pride of accomplishment by the men that had the perserverence and dedication to make it through to that day. As an executive volunteer that has now seen three classes graduate, I would like to once again congratulate these men and wish them a future filled with promise and strength to find a new life of love and success.

    It’s always a great day spent with PEP!

  4. Christine Youngblood says:

    Congrats to all who have worked so hard to achieve this accomplishment!

    I am very interested in serving as a coach or mentor for the women’s PEP. Can someone contact me?

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