Leadership Changes for PEP

Posted: January 18, 2018 by wamjr60 in About PEP

I am pleased to inform the PEP community of two major leadership changes for PEP in 2018:

Brandon Holcomb, long time PEP volunteer and Governing Board member, is succeeding Mike Humphrey as chair of the Governing Board.  PEP has been blessed by Mike’s service on the board for the past 10 years and as Chair for the past 8, and Mike will continue to serve on the board through 2019.  Brandon has served on the governing board for almost 7 years and has been an active supporter of PEP for at least 10.  In addition, the board created a new position, the Vice Chair, and Pat Gotcher has been elected to that position for 2018.  Pat will then succeed Brandon as Chair of the Governing Board in 2019.

B Holcomb


Both Brandon and Pat continue PEP’s rich tradition of drawing talented, mission-minded volunteers from the business community.  Brandon, who lives in Houston, is with the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs.  Brandon is an active member of Grace Bible Church and is also on the Board of Trustees for The Center for Hearing and Speech.  He is married and has three young sons.  Pat, who lives in Ft. Worth, is a very successful executive and entrepreneur in the health care industry, and he and his wife, Amy, are active members of Arborlawn United Methodist Church.

Brandon shared the following about the transition from Mike Humphrey’s leadership, “Mike has led PEP with incredible wisdom and a true servant’s heart over many years.  The dedication, passion, and love that he and Janene have generously given to PEP has changed countless lives and will have an eternal impact.  It has been a great honor to learn from Mike and to serve alongside him.”

In order to strengthen PEP further in our push to achieve our goal to serve at least 10% of the men and now women released from TDCJ prisons in 2026, I have decided to step back from my role as CEO during 2018.  I believe that what PEP needs at this point in its growth is a CEO that brings the personal story and passion that will be essential to converting vast numbers of ignorant or skeptical bystanders into the avid supporters needed by the PEP Revolution.  The governing board has accepted my recommendation to name Bryan Kelley as my successor.


After serving 21 years in prison on his 40 year sentence, Bryan gave up an opportunity for parole so that he could participate in PEP.  He graduated in June 2014, and was selected “Mr. PEP” by his peers because he modeled so completely all of our 10 Driving Values.  Bryan began working as a Transition Coordinator for PEP in Dallas shortly after release 3 ½ years ago and was soon promoted to Re-Entry Manager.  Since 2016, he has served PEP as Executive Relations Manager – North Texas.  Bryan has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, is engaged to be married and is an active member at Watermark Church in Dallas.

Bryan has just begun serving as CEO Elect, and he will continue in his role as Executive Relations Manager – North Texas while we recruit his successor.  During this transition period, Bryan will be spending more time in Houston to become fully versed in the issues and reporting that are an essential part of the CEO role and to allow me to introduce him to a number of our key foundation and other supporters.  At some point later this spring, we will drop the “elect” from his title and he will assume the full responsibilities of the office.  I will remain on staff at least for the balance of 2018, focusing primarily on teaching, transition housing and other projects that need special attention, and I will join the Governing Board in 2019.

Please join me in thanking Mike, Brandon, Pat and Bryan for their servant leadership – past, present and future.  Also, I want especially to thank Phi, Tim and Tony for their support in this transition.  A transition of this sort would be inconceivable were it not for the work that they have already done in positioning PEP for further growth and for their commitment to excellence going forward.  As an entire team, I think we can confidently say that, for the PEP Revolution, the best is yet to come!  Onward!



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